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Bev - Car Accident

I had front-and-back neck pain from a rear-end car accident. I had difficulty swallowing and hoarseness of voice. I also had shoulder and low back pain from the recent car accident. There was numbness and burning lower back pain from an accident 20 years ago as well.

I went to a chiropractor for three sessions 20 years ago after the first car accident. I have taken pain and anti-inflammatory medications. I also had several massages recently which helped a lot.

I used to really suffer after gardening, hiking, or any strenuous work. I could not sleep in certain positions and I would experience sharp pains when trying to move after having been immobile for a while either seated or lying down. My throat hurt and had burning sensations.

A friend recommended this office as she has been coming for years. Dr. Zellner was attentive, listened to all the details and accurately made a diagnosis. From the first adjustment, everything has been getting better to the point where I have more mobility and more range of movement without pain or strain. The "tight" feelings in the lower back are almost gone. My neck and throat areas have recovered to where I no longer have pain or hoarseness.

It has taken about 15 sessions and I feel as if years have been added to my active life. There are less tension spots in my back and shoulders and my neck is feeling great.

I think Dr. Zellner is not only well qualified but also seems to be intuitive with regard to various pains I had when I arrived for some of the earlier sessions. Everything he said with regard to the treatment has been accurate.

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