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Brooke - Back Pain

I was suffering with continuous lower back pain and stiffness on and off for two years. The pain was always there and sometimes it was so severe that I couldn't function. I tried to combat the pain with heavy doses of Ibuprofen and massage, pouting, and general denial. I was very depressed and limited to less activity during the days. I was also irritable and had a notion in the back of my mind that I didn't want to live in pain much longer.

My friend referred me to Dr. Zellner and I initially didn't want to go because I thought it was going to be too expensive, though at this point, I was willing to pay almost anything to be pain free. During my initial visit, Dr. Zellner found that my lower spine and pelvis were very tight due to years of abuse from playing sports. He worked on areas very gently until they loosened up. I will never forget the day that I came in and he was finally able to adjust my spine... what a relief!!!

I am now pain free and I believe that I took from June to January to feel this good. I hardly ever feel any pain in my lower back. I am a much happier person in general and I am more productive. I tell people all the time to try chiropractic care, but it is important to be patient and allow your body to change as well as have a positive attitude. These things allow Dr. Zellner to better assist each patient in the healing process.

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