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Ed - Neck Pain

Before I came to see Dr. Zellner, I had severe neck pain, muscle spasms, and inflammation at the base of my skull. I had a difficult time rock climbing. I could barely tilt my head back to look at my partner. My sleeping habits were irregular and the pain interfered with my concentration, which in turn was affecting my work at the computer.

Three days a week for two months, I went to a physical therapist. This temporarily relieved my symptoms, but only for a day or two at most. I was also getting massage. Although I was getting some relief from massages, my therapist felt a structural imbalance in my atlas and upper spine, and suggested I visit Dr. Zellner.

Dr. Zellner took X-Rays and they showed quite clearly that my atlas and two top cervical bones were out of alignment and rotated counter clockwise. I went through the recommended chiropractic corrective program. I experienced the predicted reactions in my condition for the first several weeks. After about five weeks under Dr. Zellner's care, I noticed with astonishment that not only was my neck not creaking or clicking when I turned my head, but 90% of the chronic neck pain had disappeared.

My improvement has continued. I am beginning my third month of treatment, visiting once a week. I'm overjoyed that my neck pains have virtually ceased. All the credit goes to Dr. Zellner; I wish I would've started chiropractic treatment years earlier!

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