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Elizabeth - Pregnant

When I first came to see Dr. Zellner I was about three months pregnant and two old injuries had acted up. My right hip was in such intense pain much of each day that I could barely walk, and sometimes would have to catch myself from falling from the pain which was also spreading down my leg. In addition, I had pain in my rib that felt like hot red burning me, which made wearing a bra impossible. Both pains had been bothering me for a few years and most recently about two months before my first chiropractic appointment. I had also been diagnosed with fibromyalgia since 1997.

In the past I had tried intense stretching, soaking in hot tubs, moderate exercise and complete rest. I also saw several doctors; including urgent care doctors and a physical therapist who all told me there was nothing they could do and that I should see a chiropractor.

By the time I came in for my first visit, I was afraid I was going to spend the last 6 months of my pregnancy on complete bed rest simply because I could barely walk. Work was becoming close to impossible, and at home I was unable to help with any of our home's daily chores because I spent all of my time on the couch or in bed.

When this injury initially flared up 2-3 years ago, my boss continually suggested I go see her chiropractor, whom she had been seeing for almost 25 years! I was working at a school and several of the families made the same suggestion. At the time I chose not to go for several reasons, one of which was the belief that chiropractors were "quack doctors." In college there was a feud between the medical students for my school and the chiropractic students at the Osteopathic medicine school in my town. When my injuries flared up this most recent time and I had only gained 2 pounds from my pregnancy I decided to give Dr. Zellner a try.

Because I am pregnant, Dr. Zellner was not able to x-ray me, and so he relied on what he could feel. By initially using extremely gentle touch he was able to pinpoint the areas causing my pain, and then used gentle pressure and slightly more powerful tools (consisting of a loud "pop" and a forceful flick) to begin my adjustments. As my body responded (quickly-within two weeks I was taking 30 minute strolls) these adjustments became stronger and included "cracking" my joints, not one of which ever hurt. In fact, sometimes the relief from the adjustment is so intense I burst out laughing.

I would encourage anyone who has any sort of chronic pain, or pain which has just started, to go see a chiropractor. While it won't make your pain immediately go away, it will give your body the chance to begin to heal itself. As Dr. Zellner is fond of saying, "There will be ups and downs"-but the ups are so powerful, it makes it all worth it!

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