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Eric and Megan - Back Pain

Eric: Megan and I both worked as chefs. Long hours and heavy lifting left us both with back injuries; on August 30th in 2008, I herniated a disc. I had surgery in October. I was still experiencing a good deal of pain and tried epidurals, pilates, and massage for relief. Nothing was completely taking the pain away. I couldn't golf, snowboard, rock climb, or hike anymore.

Megan: Eric and I had to stop working as chefs. We were both in a lot of pain and trying everything we could to heal. I was taking large doses of pain killers just to make it through the day. Eventually, I found Zellner Chiropractic Center. Dr. Zellner found that I had most likely torn a ligament in my thoracic spine. He also looked over my X-Rays and found that I had degeneration and arthritis in the same area of my spine. The pain was unbearable. Dr. Zellner developed a treatment program for me; I needed three adjustments per week to start.

Eric: At first, I was really skeptical. I wasn't sure there was anything that could be done to help us - we had tried everything already. I was proved wrong! Megan and I were faithful to our treatment program, and we have been rewarded. I am so surprised at how much regular chiropractic adjustments have improved my situation.

Megan: The pain has decreased so much since Eric and I have been coming to see Dr. Jack. I no longer take pain killers and I feel so much better. It only took about 2.5 months to feel this relief. It was so well worth it! My advice to anyone in a similar situation as Eric and I, is that there is absolutely no need to live on pain killers, they just make it worse in the end. You can get through it with chiropractic. You don't need to suffer. Commit to a treatment program at Zellner Chiropractic Center!

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