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Heinz - Shoulder Pain

I had chronic shoulder pain that started in mid-April of 2008 and escalated throughout the summer after a brutal landscaping project that included rock walls, a concrete sidewalk, extensive lawn and sprinkler systems, a retaining wall, a pond and water feature, and just for grins, two acres of fire mitigation.

I sometimes took Advil, but mainly thought I would tough it out and let it recover on its own. I began losing sleep and experiencing pain 24 hours a day as time passed.

I tried not to let it affect me, but I went to Africa for two weeks and it became increasingly obvious to me how much pain I was in even when I wasn't using it.

My wife told me to go see Dr. Jack. I think at one point she said I was stupid if I didn't. Anyway, I finally obeyed. I began treatment with Dr. Jack in January of 2009. In a very short period of time (two weeks), I no longer had the pain I had experienced for nine months and all of a sudden I realized I had much more mobility.

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