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Joan - Bladder

I have had problems urinating; I had to press on my abdomen and bladder to get my flow started. This had been going on for many years. I don't have pain, but I do feel a strain in my low back sometimes.

I've been on a medication called Uroxatral to try to rectify this, but it did not help much. My only other option suggested by the urologist was surgery. I did not want that! A friend suggested going to a chiropractor. Since I knew the bladder worked by nerves and so does chiropractic, I thought I'd give it a whirl. What did I have to lose?

This condition was a nuisance. I never knew if my flow would start right away, or if I would have to sit there for five minutes and try to relax or start the pressing motion. This would take away time on my work breaks, and in social situations it would keep others waiting.

I called different chiropractic offices to see if they dealt with bladder problems. I figured I would be an unusual case since most people see a chiropractor for spine problems. Dr. Zellner was also on my insurance plan. I thought I'd give this treatment a shot and that it would beat having surgery.

Dr. Zellner did a complete exam and found by X-Rays and manipulation that my neck and spine were completely out of whack. I started coming in 2-3 times a week for adjustments for about three months. Now, I come in about once a month. My response to care has been good. I stay pretty much adjusted between visits, and my bladder problem has improved!

My bladder function returned to almost normal immediately. Most of the time, the flow starts right up, but there are still times the pressing comes into play. I'm out of the bathroom in two minutes instead of five minutes most of the time. It is much improved since my first visit in November 2007.

I would highly recommend chiropractic care. It may be your saving grace. It was for me! I might add that it helped my bowling game! I used to drop my right shoulder when I released my ball, but I don't anymore and my games have improved! This started after seeing Dr. Zellner. His staff is great too. They are warm, friendly, and helpful.

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