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Kris - Back Pain

I came to Zellner Chiropractic Center with severe lower back and hip pain - primarily on the left side. The pain was so bad that, occasionally, my back would seize up on me, prohibiting movement of any kind. Prior to seeing Dr. Zellner, I tried physical therapy, which started out positively, but took a turn for the worse. I couldn't run any distance longer than a quarter of a mile and had difficulty hiking, golfing and participating in virtually all outdoor activities.

During my initial visit, Dr. Zellner and I spoke at length about the issues that had brought me into the office. In addition, he took full back X-Rays so as to better diagnose my condition. During my "Report of Findings," which took place on my second visit, he explained that my lower vertebrae were compressed, and that it appeared as though I had some muscle damage as a result. After providing me with a thorough explanation of my condition, he recommended a treatment plan of twice weekly visits to aid in the correction of the problems I was dealing with.

Since I started treatment with Dr. Zellner four months ago, my condition has improved as much as 95%; I now only have to come in for adjustments once every two weeks. The pain is almost entirely gone, and, once again, I'm able to golf, hike, and exercise pain-free. Most importantly, I'm able to run as long as my legs and lungs will allow - without any pain in my back!

I would highly recommend Zellner Chiropractic to anyone who has back pain, needs an adjustment, or just wants to meet some good people. Dr. Jack was not only interested in my back, but in how I was doing as a person. He made me feel comfortable as a patient and as a friend.

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