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Margi - Sports Injury

I first came to the office to relieve a low back pain from a sports related injury. I decided to try chiropractic when I realized that stretching and strengthening the muscles related to the injury was not enough. Insurance coverage made my decision to try chiropractic easier.

Because I take such good care of myself, Dr. Zellner's work helped relieve my low back pain after just a few weeks. I continued with regular care until I was at the maintenance stage because I wanted a healthy spine for longevity. At that point, I realized that I had found the missing link. In my occupation, I am trained to focus on the soft tissues of my body but my bone structure needed more attention.

I am pretty hard on my body with weight lifting, running, mountain biking, and other impact exercises. The wellness program has helped my body re-align itself each month and unblock my energy channels. After three years with Dr. Zellner, I have not been ill for over a year. I don't even get colds any more!! If one comes on, it leaves more quickly and does not affect my energy as it once did. I attribute an enhanced immune system from regular chiropractic work to this change. Of course I continue to eat high nutrient foods, exercise, and manage my stress - and that helps. But, I would recommend chiropractic to anyone who wants an increased sense of health and well being. Dr. Zellner and the entire Zellner Chiropractic staff's wellness approach is unique and refreshing!

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