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Mikaela - Infant

Mikaela experienced a drug free birth and had no complications. Though she was born totally healthy, we headed straight to Dr. Zellner's office. Mikaela received her first adjustment at only 36 hours old.

Her father and I felt that this was the absolute best thing we could offer her as she entered her new world. By having Mikaela checked by Dr. Zellner, we could trust that her nervous system was communicating efficiently to benefit her rapidly growing mind and body.

I have been a chiropractic patient for over 10 years now, and I understand that chiropractic is not just for when there is a problem. It is a healthcare modality that supports my body to stay well all of the time so that I don't have to experience any problems. Therefore, I want to offer my daughter the possibility to be the best she can be. By assuring that Mikaela's spine is free from subluxations, her ever-changing body is supported and strengthened, including immune function and digestion.

Dr. Zellner has checked Mikaela every other week since she was born. She doesn't always need to be adjusted, but when she does, I am so thankful that Dr. Zellner examined her. Her adjustments are extremely gentle - no bone cracking. Mikaela smiles the whole time and is so comfortable with Dr. Zellner. She looks as though she knows exactly what is happening and truly loves it. She is now eleven weeks and has been a healthy, happy, and very alert new born baby. I honestly believe that it is because she has received chiropractic care and her body and mind are truly supported by the free flowing energy of her nervous system. We look forward together to a lifetime of wellness from chiropractic care.

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