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Rob - Car Accident

It has been more than three years since I was in a car accident and during that time I have been restricted to short walks and my sleep was reduced due to constant pain on my right side from my lower back down through my thigh. During that period I had probably seen four or five specialists each of whom had a different prognosis and offered options they believed would help the situation which ranged from surgery to dry needle work.

I was talking with a friend about what I was going through and the frustrations regarding the assessment of my condition. She suggested I go see Jack Zellner who she had been seeing and was impressed with his approach to healing and the results that she had achieved. I was skeptical for Chiropractic was not what I believed would be the answer to my problems. At this point however, I was not about to rule out any possibilities.

After seeing Jack now for many months, I can attest to his philosophy and his ability to assess the situation and his process of healing. Jack took his time, did not rush me into things I was not comfortable with, yet moved forward with a defined plan on where we needed to go to resolve my situation.

I believe this is an ongoing condition, but know for certain that without the help of Jack Zellner I would not have made the progress that I see in my everyday life. Although things are not as they were before the accident, I now do not live with constant pain, I sleep through most nights, and I go on hikes further than I thought possible even a year ago. For all these things, I thank Jack for his patience, his understanding and his approach to healing.

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