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Stephen - Arm Pain

I had radiating pain from my left shoulder to wrist for two years, and the pain was more intense in the elbow region. I tried massage and acupuncture for a year and a half. I also had to limit all activities that had to do with my left arm. I could no longer do push exercises for my upper body. Also, everyday activities like shopping and opening doors were hindered by the pain.

I was referred to Dr. Zellner by my girlfriend and also by my employer. I didn't think that chiropractic could help. I had contempt without really even investigating.

Dr. Zellner suggested that I have x-rays taken to better assess the situation. He also did a full, hands on series of assessments. He recommended that I start care and we did. My response was instantaneous and continued to improve.

My improvement is amazing! I have 90% pain reduction and my strength is coming back to my arm and elbow. The transformation started with the first visit and has continued each time. Within three weeks I could use my arm like I hadn't in two years.

I am truly amazed at the results of Dr. Zellner's care. If you yourself or any of your loved ones are in pain, do not wait any longer to see Dr. Zellner.

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