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Stephen - Neck Pain

I had developed serious neck problems, originally due to a snowboarding accident five years ago. Problems included neck pain and stiffness and an inability to turn my head more than 5 degrees either direction.

I had seen several chiropractors since the original snowboarding accident. I rarely had a good night's sleep, I was in constant pain, and I couldn't drive without serious pain. I definitely could not do any kind of strenuous activity or sports.

My wife had been seeing Dr. Zellner for some time, and had good results with his care. My first examination revealed some degeneration in the vertebrae. My neck had lost much of its normal curvature. Muscles in the neck were incredibly tight. Along my neck and spine, vertebrae were pulled out of alignment by the tight muscles. Dr. Zellner initially saw me three times each week. For the most part, my neck was able to be adjusted just a bit more than the last. One of the problems I had early on was pain in response to any neck movement. Through a very gentle and unhurried approach, Dr. Zellner was able to convince my neck to relax and be adjusted.

Dr. Zellner also recommended regular physical exercise, which has helped immensely. I have been seeing him for about eight months. I have regained significant mobility in my neck. The neck pain has also decrease significantly. I have been able to reduce the frequency of my visits. I can think more clearly, and neck pain is not constantly on my mind.

Chiropractic adjustments are an integral part of an overall wellness program. Along with exercise, a good diet, massage, etc., Dr. Zellner's chiropractic care has helped me feel so much better.

Having been to several chiropractors, Dr. Zellner's technique is by far the most gentle and effective that I have found.

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