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Tom - Sinus and tooth pain, headaches

I had been suffering from a sinus condition for 7-8 months that was apparently becoming chronic. About every 2-3 months, I'd start having severe tooth pain , then sinus pain, and headaches. At first, I thought I might have an abscessed tooth, or need a root canal. I started having this pain in November, 1995 and it continued off and on in varying degrees until I came to Dr. Zellner in June of 2006.

I had been to my M.D. for several visits, and had done two courses of antibiotics (their standard remedy), and two courses of very expensive head X-rays, to no avail. The antibiotics would knock the symptoms down for a month or two, but apparently were not able to address the underlying causes. I was not willing to continue down that course, as it has serious implications for the immune system. I had also tried acupuncture, which, while temporarily helpful with the pain and headaches, didn't seem to offer a long term solution.

Tooth pain is dreadful, and continual headaches are miserable. As a musician and singer, it was making my work difficult to impossible. I was drained and fatigued much of the time, and it was frequently very challenging to sing.

One of my dear friends, Amy French, referred to me Dr. Jack. She had been relieved of a similar chronic sinus condition in the past, and after becoming a patient of Dr. Zellner had never had the condition return.

After a thorough initial exam and X-ray analysis, Dr. Zellner used manipulation of my spine, back, jaw, head and facial bones to realign my body and relieve my condition. Some of the jaw and facial manipulations are a little uncomfortable, but the results are worth it!

Since coming to Dr. Zellner, the sinus condition has not returned. I've had occasional colds and nasal drainage, but have not had any of the impacted congestion at all, and not tooth pain or headaches. Also, I've noticed a new freedom and comfort in my neck.

The improvement came slowly over the first few weeks, and it took a couple of months of perseverance to reach my initial goal of breaking the chronic sinus cycle and regaining my strength and energy. I feel confident that I'm there now, and I'm committed to continue to improve, to strengthen my immune system, and to strive for vibrant health.

Be patient; it may have taken years for a condition to develop and manifest, and it may take some time to correct it. There is wisdom in the body to heal itself of many things, Dr. Zellner can help you find it!

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