Zellner Chiropractic

Zoe - Infant

Hi! Hi! Hi! (I like to say "Hi!", and "doggy.") I first came to see Dr. Zellner when I was about 11 months old. I was just about ready to walk, but it was hard because I was so pigeon-toed. Due to my cramped stay in the womb, my feet were pretty turned inward. I thought a visit to the chiropractor could help adjust that. Well, after my first visit to Dr. Zellner, that very night I took 5 steps all on my own. A few weeks later, I got a second adjustment, and that same night I just took off walking. Now I'm almost 14 months old, my feet seem a little more aligned, my balance improved, and I've never looked back since. Gotta run!

-Zoe (and Sarah)

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